How to choose a laptop backpack?


Choosing the right bag can be tricky, especially if you require one that meets a lot of needs and will serve you for a long period of time. When looking for a laptop backpack, there are several criteria you should consider.

Laptop Size

The first thing you need to know is the size of your laptop. Laptop bags are generally designed for 13-inch or 15-inch laptops, but there are exceptions. For example, some backpacks can fit up to 17-inch laptops.

The second thing is the size of your backpack and how many compartments it has. If you want a single compartment backpack, look at smaller models that have only one pocket inside the main compartment (the opening on the front side). It’s not a bad idea to go through some customer reviews and see what other people say about its usability and durability before making a purchase decision.


If you’re looking for a waterproof laptop backpack, there are two main styles: roll-top and clam-shell.

Roll-top bags are generally more expensive than clam-shell packs, but they’re also more durable and tend to have larger capacities. They tend to work better with larger laptops (15 inches or higher) because they have more room in the main compartment.

Clam-shell backpacks typically have less storage space than roll tops, but their design makes them easier to pack if you have a smaller laptop that won’t fit into the main compartment of a roll top backpack.

  • Comfortability is important. You will be wearing your backpack for a long time, so make sure it’s comfortable.
  • Look for one with padded back and straps.
  • Check to see if the backpack can be adjusted to fit your body type and height.
  • Make sure it isn’t too heavy before purchasing it!

To help you find the best laptop backpack, it’s important to look for a backpack that has sturdy shoulder straps. The shoulder straps should be wide and padded so that they’re comfortable on your shoulders. A good laptop backpack will have adjustable shoulder straps for more comfortability as well as allowing you to carry different types of laptops.

It is also important to consider how easy it is to adjust the size of the bag itself when full, as well as how much stuff can be stored inside without making it too big or heavy for you!


One of the most important considerations when choosing a laptop backpack is durability. This can be difficult to assess because there are many factors that contribute to this aspect, but they all come down to the same thing: How well is it made?

How Sturdy Is The Bag?

The first thing you’ll want to do is look at how sturdy your bag feels in general. In other words, does it feel flimsy or like it could break if you bent the wrong way? If so, consider looking for another option that feels sturdier and more durable. Also keep in mind how often you will be using your new backpack—if you plan on carrying heavy laptops around with regularity then it’s best not skimp out on quality here!

What Type Of Material Is Used For Construction?

There are different types of materials used for making backpacks these days including nylon and polyester as well as leather which isn’t always durable enough but works great if treated appropriately (you should avoid leaving leather out in direct sunlight). Nylon tends not only be more affordable than other alternatives but also absorbent with less chance of damaging contents inside due its non-porous nature while polyester can feel stiff at times due its lack flexibility although they’re both equally lightweight despite being strong enough hold up against lots of wear-and-tear over time (not unlike cotton). On top of this though…

Multiple Pockets

Backpacks are often used for carrying laptops and other accessories because of their spacious, organized designs. A laptop backpack is great for someone who needs to transport a lot of files, as it has more space than a traditional messenger bag. The main compartment should fit your laptop with ease, while pockets in the front and back can store cords, mouse or keyboard and other smaller items like phones or wallets.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laptop Backpack

While most backpacks are designed to carry laptops, some are better than others. Here are five factors you should consider when choosing a laptop backpack:

  • Laptop size

Are you looking for something that will fit your 13-inch laptop? Do you need something larger? Be sure to double-check the dimensions of your laptop before purchasing an unsuitable bag. If you have a 14-inch screen or larger, look for bags with plenty of room and padding on the interior to protect it from damage during travel.

  • Weatherproofing

If there’s even a chance that your pack might get wet, make sure its material is weatherproof (or at least water resistant). This could save both time and money by preventing damage caused by rain or snow while out on the trail or hiking through forests or mountainsides—and it could also help keep other items inside dry if they get caught in bad weather conditions as well!


In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when choosing a backpack. With the right laptop backpack you can carry your tech in comfort and style wherever you go.

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